måndag 20 februari 2012

Robot WIP 2

Continued today on the robot I started on last week. Sculpted his back a little. Tried out some alphas I build, and they seem to work pretty well. :)

måndag 13 februari 2012

The Devil

Sculpt Video! Click me!

Another quick sculpt that become some more. Just wanted to do the face first but later expanded on him. This one is very much inspired by "The Devil Hands Are Idle" by NGArt.

Still have to finish up those hands...


Sculpt Video here!

A lunch sculpt that evolved to a little more. Gonna do some more work on him when I get the time. This one is based on a great painting done by Anthony Jones, aka Robotpencil.

Lunchy sculpty

Ehhh, tried some hard surface sculpting this lunch. Not too pleased with it, gonna work on it some more later.
Oh and an grumpy orc.

Lunch Sculpts

So I'm trying to get in some quick sculpting every lunch. Trying to push myself to sculpt faster. Usually I just start out with a blob and just start sculpting with a blank mind, and just see what comes out. :)

Dragomirov Kolossus

A can on feet! Fan art based on a miniature model from the tabletop game AT-43.

Subject 7

And another game model, though this one I haven't finished yet. Still needs some color...
..as soon as I figure out what will look good on him/it.

Original concept by Chris Drysdale.

Damné De La Gourmandise Obèse

Fat demon I made some time ago. Was very fun :D Two highpoly renders and one ingame picture.


A character called Ghost from some comic. Zbrush and ingame model.

Some old models

Zbrush model and lowpoly in game model of an Aberration prime from the tabletop game Confrontation.

A-Y Scientist. Fan art based on a character I saw in a Japanese manga called BLAME!


Two very old quick sculpts. A..dragon thing...and a...bull...without a head of course.